​How does the website work?


The intentions of this website is to give you the ability to express your creativity and personalize your product.  Keeping this in mind, the items on the website can be best described as blanks or samples of what you can get.  You are welcome to order something from the website, or contact me for a custom order for yourself, or a larger order for a team. 



Payment and Shipping

PayPal and Square are preferred forms of payment.  Shipping is included in the price on the website. Custom orders will have shipping added to the order. 


Why do several items say that there is a discount available for large groups or teams?


All items are custom made at the time of order.  Pricing can be less than quoted based on the complexity of the design.  Also, bulk orders allow for lower costs on many items.

How long do custom order take to receive?

Usually no longer then 2 weeks. I pride myself on a very fast turn around time. 

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